Direction change

I am wanting to have a object come out of a distant point towards the front point, along the way I want the object to turn and lean at points along the way, am I to use the " I " hotkey and select Rotation? Although the blender explanation indicates ‘indicates certain key frames undefined’. I am confused about how to apply this in my test.

Go to frame 1 and move your object where you want it. Select the Object and click I, choose LocRot (location and rotation). Go the frame number where you want the next change to occur. Move your object and rotate it, click I, LocRot again. Now play your animation and see if it’s doing the right thing. Repeat. If your object is also being scaled (growing larger or smaller) use LocRotScale instead.
I heard a simple rhyme in a tutorial once and yet sometimes I still use it: “Go to the frame, make the change, insert the keyframe.”

Thanks blenderallday for making this clear, I will try it and see how it goes. I also heard this saying on a YouTube Blender tutorial.