Directional Rotation Help

Im having some trouble trying to figure out how to get rotation working,

Think of a character that moves based of the direction the WASD are being pressed and rotates in that direction.

Another way i can think of explaining it is if it were a joystick thumbstick and you were looking on a overhead point of view and you circled the thumbstick around the character would spin based of the direction.

Or another way to explain it:

Animation?or mouse script, why the script isnt default?

just do

if rotate_left_key_sensor_positive:
object_rotating.applyRotation([0,0,negative hundredths decimal here ])

if rotate_right_key_sensor_positive:
object_rotating.applyRotation([0,0,positive hundredths decimal here])

might have gotten the negative and positive mixed up

but .applyRotation is the key

It looks like you are looking for a camera-relative-movement.

Thanks Monster this helped out pretty well