Directions and/or Guidence needed, Blender auto-exiting

I’m working on my BWC entry and when ever I access my Materials Menu(Button) for a certain object the whole program crashes, I’m currently in the process of building and debugging blender now, though I have never done so, I need some major help. The Object is a high poly count 20k faces about, and has 9 materials, I use two different blender builds a 2.46 and the latest AP (apricot) build, both crash so I think it might be the file. Please if youj know what might be happening.
If you need the blend file I will post it up.

Not sure what could be happening but I’ve had some strange issues with files before and appending the objects out to a new clean file sometimes sorts things out.

Open a new scene, Shift+F1 to append then open your file, go to objects and hold right click on the top line and drag down to get everything in your scene.

Hope it helps!

You should have posted this on the support forum if you wanted some answers. Bugs and the like are not meant to be posted on the Artwork forum…

Sorry sorry!
I must have glanced over it I was in mad-rush to get things back on track I will do so if I cant solve this issue.