Directx 8 tutorials

Well I need some tutorials for directx 8 about animations and collision detection.I would also prefer them to be written for vb6.Any suggestions ?

VB6? Are you kidding?

Got to 3D Links and search for DirectX, they’ve got some links to tutorial sites for developing DirectX apps in VB, some of which may still use VB6.

You should note that VB6 isn’t very efficient with DirectX, so anything too complex won’t really run very well.

You’ll want to check at Microsoft’s site, too, I believe that DirectX 9 is the latest version that works with VB6. Also, if you want to go with something newer that’s not too far off from where you are, you can get a free version of VB.Net from Microsoft that will let you do much more with Dx than VB6 does.