DirectX 9


directx 9 managed API is quite easy to use and propably a lot of people are considering about developing on it. The problem seems to be how to convert models to the .x format. After going through a few modeling and conversion programs I concluded that blender is best modeling tool for me. Unfortunately none of the tested ~4 direct x exporters managed to export properly. I succeeded to get a mesh converted so that I used the x file exporter in 2.37a blender release and run it through the old convx.exe tool converting the blender created text x file to binary x file after which the directx 9 accepted it.

What I and a lot of other people need now is a proper direct x exporter to blender which at least supports mesh and uv texture export. This would promote blender heavily in direct x developer community.

best regards,
Tommi Laukkanen

-The actual exporter exports more than you need(with 237).Many people
use it succesfully to export mesh,uv texture,material color ,armature
and animation.What do you mean with a “proper directX exporter”?
I’ve tested the exported text .x file with most of converters(Mview,
Deep Exploration,Unwrap3D) and many engines and it works correctly.



What do you find the best to view DirectX files?

-Mview is provided with Directx SDK.Anyway the best one I think,
is Deep Exploration.


by proper exporter I mean one which will succesfully export for example a cube with uv texture assigned. For some reason mentioned exporter fails to do it for directx 9. I have not tried whether it works for directx 8. I am not using skeleton animation but the documentation claims armature is needed for export which may be the source of the problem. In my opinion it should not be mandatory.

best regards,
Tommi Laukkanen

-I have no idea what you are trying to export and what
kind of problem you found.Anyway, I’m posting here a file

  1. a blend file with a cube which have(not one) but six textures
  2. textures
  3. the exporter loaded in the blend file
  4. the exported .x file with that exporter

…and here I’m posting two screenshots got from:

  1. Mview-the utilty viewer distributed with DirectX 9 SDK
  2. Deep Exploration-the best existing viewer and converter
    (note the dx9-logo in the lower right part)
    (if the above links doesnt support direct linking, copy and paste)
    I hope in this way I’ve cleared any of your problems with
    exportin in .x file format(if you really had any).

Best regards

P.S. Many people ask, if the DirectX8exporter exports
correctly for DirectX 9.The answer is “YES”. DirectX8
name means that the exporter exports skeleton and
its animations.The precedent versions of Directx(7 or
lower) had no this option.


I tried your example and it works also for me. Thanks for that. I am now trying to figure out what I have done wrong with my models.


The problem with my models versus the DirectX8.0 exporter was that my model had meshes with names like Mesh.001 (automaticly created by blender) which was exported like that with the exporter. The DirectX format does not accept special characters in the mesh names.

best regards,
Tommi Laukkanen