DirectX and bounding box

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Is it possible (and if so how … please), can I create a non-renderable bounding box within my Blender models and export them to direct X?
I read about this on the XNA forums…



the format is a .x file or something else?


whats the purpose ? Are you using XNA or D3D ? XNA automatically creates non aligned Bounding Boxes and even Bounding-Sphere that in some cases is more precise. I think for Collision Detection you shouldn’t use that feature cause if you apply a translation matrix the boundings will not be translated.

The project is using XNA , additionally some of the models have some empty spare between various parts (like Worms with theire floating hands) and therefore I was looking into a different way of getting bounding boxes(or spheres) aligned to certain key parts of the model without having a BB covering the entire model.

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Hm thats hard i think,

maybe you could use a line (2 verts) for measurements of the spare parts in the model, you can name them and adress them in XNA by Name, then you could do a Vector Calculation (length) or what ever you need, but to be honest this isn’t very elegant, but sometimes rubbish works.

As far as i know you couln’t define multiple Bounding Boxes in blender, but maybe you can do something similar with vertex-groups, but you should adress the pros out there if this is possible.