DirectX Exporter needed

I need a DirectX exporter to export models to darkbasic, i know there is one integrated into Blender but that doesn’t seem to import models into darkbasic. it makes an .X file but it doesn’t import and just crashes darkbasic can anybody help
or give me a link to another .X exporter

But yet does not export Blender armatures (skeleton and animation, I suppose)

The author has replied he is working on it. :slight_smile:

do you need to download 2.30 or does it work with 2.32 CVS

this one doesn’t work either do you know of any .3ds exporters then apart from the one on blenderwars

-Hi rhyno!

-I tried to correct some bugs in the last exporter.

-Put it in the blender scripts directory and use it from
Blender 2.32 menu.
Let me know!


Dear Ben,

Any idea when your .x exporter with bones will be ready?
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

It indeed will be great once comes out.

With power in animation of Blender, there is nothing out there exporting directx8 with animation and weights. (and I know, being a user of many 3d softwares)

Game engines (free and comercial) users which will benefit :

Irrlitch engine (free)
Dark basic Pro
Urgh3d engine (free)
Truevision 3d (free for non comercial games)
GameStudio 6.20
Of course, many c++, delphi, etc, directx engines/games.

(surely several more)

And the fact is those are quite advanced and good. :slight_smile:

also, tools like Ultimate Unwrap, or Deep Exploration (both comercial, first on every cheap) import dx8 x format, and can export as many game formats, and application formats too, besides also dx8 again.

Indeed, in theory, you could export from Blender as dx8 , import into Ultimate unwrap, save as native u3d format, open as u3d format inside max. With the free u3d plugin.Bones, weights, material, animation, etc, preserved. :slight_smile: …A bridge between Blender animation—> Max ! I think it’s great.

Not to add pressure :wink: just to say that it will be a very useful thing. :slight_smile:

the directx exports can’t be loaded with Microsofts Meshview or Nvidias FX_Composer :frowning:

Mesh viewer is a tool which uses the dx9 mesh.fromfile method.
(should be standard(?)) It is part of the DX9 SDK.

The FX_Composer is a great tool to create Shaders. You can download it at Nvidias developer site.

Just wondering if anyone besides Ben is working on a .X exporter
with bones support for Blender? Thanks.

Supposedly bob_holcomb plans on working on one. I’m not sure if that’s still his plan.

Have a look at this thread.

Thanks for the info, Fatbob. However, it looks like the .X exporter
with bones support will take sometime to complete - it is by no means
an easy task for a single person to undertake. That’s the reason
why we are still sticking to Lightwave with a professionally created
.X exporter plugin. Would love to use Blender and exporting
to our game engine but until the .X exporter with bones
support is done, we have our hands tied. ;_;

Best regards,
Sherman Chin
Sherman3D (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Hi all. I’ve been messing with the export script Ben provided, but whenever I view the mesh with MeshView (MS utility included in DX9 SDK), I get the geometry displayed, but all the faces are black and none of the textures I assigned show up. Any idea what I may be doing wrong? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I’m trying to use Blender in creating a game with the Irrlicht graphics engine( and DirectX seems to be the best option for that at this point. I’d certainly be open to alternate exporters too (3ds, ms3d should work with Irrlicht). :slight_smile:

oops, wrong thread.

Anyway, do try to export as OBJ, Irrlitch opens those, and usually are very good for static objects. Maybe use the OBJ import_modif or something like that, in its latest version for 2.32

I have been playing recently trying to export an animated character from Blender as a .x file. I have tried loading this into Dark Basic Professional, but it always comes back with the message, “Runtime error 7018 Cannot load 3D object at line whatever”. Any word on this, has anyone gotten an animated character successfully into DBP or any other game engine for that matter. If Blender could do this, it would be awesome!!! I’m using Blender 2.34. This is all with the plain Directx export option, and selecting animation.

When I try the directx8 export, my computer seems to lock up. Either that or the export process is taking a very long time, and lot’s of CPU. Has anyone else experienced these difficulties.

I also tried the .cob export as I thought I could use Truespace to convert to .x but when I tried to open the .cob file in TS 5.2, it crashed the program.