directx exporter question

I seem to be having a little problem with this exporter. I already know how to export animations to directx and it works fine. However, when I use the .x file I exported in another program (Dark Basic Pro to be exact) the animated object were lighted wrong.

When the object is facing the light source, the lighting and shadowing is normal (front lighted; back shadowed); but when the object turns to its side, the object lighting and shadowing is inverted (the side where the light source are placed is shadowed). This only happened on animated models.

I believe this is caused by the exporter plugin. Whenever I export the object without animations, the lighting is normal.

If anybody can help, that would be great!:slight_smile:

Yes,you’re right,it’s caused by the double
vertices generated by the exporter plugin.
It will be fixed in the next version.For the
moment you can open the model in the
…select “MeshOps” - “Vertex Selection”
select a vertice in the model by clicking over.
Than again “MeshOps” - “Weld Vertices”
Select “Remove Back To Back Triangles”
and “Regenerate Adjacency” than Apply.
Resave the model.


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Well, I managed to fix my problem. The reason I found is that the armature must have its axes pointing at the right direction before exporting. It is now lighted normally.

Anyway, thanks for the reply and many thanks for the exporter! It rocks!