DirectX exporting

With help from elysiun community (thankyou) I’ve managed to create a cube and export to DirectX ( ) .

I used the exporter downloaded from which doesn’t mention what version of DirectX it exports to. Does anyone here know?

Apparently the software I’m using to program in uses a proprietary format (WildTangent web driver) and they have a .x to wildtangent converter but is only compatible with DirectX 7 format and not DX 8 or 9.

So 2 questions I guess:

  1. What DirectX format did the blender exporter script convert to?

  2. Is this the only DirectX exporter around, or only path from blender to DirectX?

Thanks in advance.


Hi MadMax!
-It exports in DirectX 7 at the moment.I hope, soon, to
finish the exporter for DirectX 8.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply.

Please keep a version that will export to DirectX 7, or make it an option to choose which DX version output maybe?


I am having so many problem with this script…

You cant have mesh where there re actrual parts to it it Must be a solid mesh…

I can’t seem to export anything else other then a cube or other primatives -_-. The export exports it but the directx mesh veiwer is having ahrd time veiwing it…

But I am just guessing its becuase I have the lastest DirextX and this scripti exports dirextc 7