DirectX Import?

I’m a new Blender user…I installed Python 2.4, and it is recognized. Blender seem like a great editor, but I need to edit Direct .x files.
I tried to import a DirectX file into Blender and got this error: “Python script error: check console.”
After checking the console, I noticed these errors:
importing into Blender …
Blender.Scene.getCurrent() is deprecated, use Blender.Scene.GetCurrent() instead.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 305, in my_callback
File “<string>”, line 64, in Import
File “<string>”, line 261, in writeMaterials
IndexError: list index out of range
The error “Blender.Scene.getCurrent() is deprecated, use Blender.Scene.GetCurrent() instead.”, is probably irrelevant,
but the other seems like a bug. The file I was trying to load is here:
as is its texture files:
Thanks for any help you can give me!

Python script error: check console.
From the look of it, the expected filetype is .py, not .x

The embedded editor in Blender is made to interpret python code, so you might search another way to import your .x file :slight_smile:

Maybe there are .x import/export plugins available, but I am aware of none (it’s not that there are none at all, I just don’t know where they are)

There really is a built in DirectX .x file importer in the latest Blender 2.4.3, check it out. It is expecting to load .x files. Check it out with the examples I provided, just select File->Import and choose DirectX .x, and you will see the behavior. I believe Python is used for scripting games in Blender, right? I’m only trying to open a file.
Anyone else have any ideas, or has anyone been able to successfully load a .X file?


Dude I have the same problem, which is really annoying. It also happens to me when importing 3DS files.