DirectX viewport?????????????

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  1. Does Blender have the choice of using a real-time viewport rendered with DirectX? I know Blender is OpenGL-based.
  2. Also, anyone know what mid-high level general 3D model/renderering apps have this DirectX option? I know of 3DSMAX, trueSpace, Rhino using plugin, 3D-Brush (new ZBrush-like app from Russia).
    So, here are the ones I really want to know about:
    Blender of course, XSI 6 Foundation, MUDBOX especially, Maya.

Hello, and welcome.

  1. No.
  2. For Blender, see answer #1. XSI 6.x supports DirectX for realtime shader purposes, in addition to OpenGL. The two others seem to be OpenGL only.
  1. No, for a reason: this is an Open Source program that won’t use any proprietary code.

I wish Blender was DirectX enabled, as running dual-monitors under OpenGL causes major slowdowns when in “Multiple Display Performance Mode” for nVidia cards.


wish Blender was DirectX enabled, as running dual-monitors under OpenGL causes major slowdowns when in “Multiple Display Performance Mode” for nVidia cards.
I run dual monitors with Blender on an nVidia 7600GS without any slowdowns at all…

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John, I am sure that you have all the good will in the world in you but: what part of the word ‘freedom’ can’t you understand?

Sometimes free stuff sucks.

This is not to say I am endorsing either side of the argument on whether or not to add directx to anything, merely padding the buffer.

Also, IamInnocent, you misquoted him, and clipped out his entire reasoning, leaving only the first sentence and his signature. That action of creating a mini-strawman strikes me as slightly devious and propaganda-like.



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False, it’s because Blender development started on/for a different platform, which only had support for IrisGL (pre-OpenGL).

Know your roots before you start fanboying about freedom and all that.

Although I highly appreciate this round of personal attacks and slanders there are people that will actually read this thread to get information so I must answer.
The question was about the future not the past: the GPL licence that Blender adopted does not allow the use of code from closed source origin, like DirecX. There actually is an ideal behind that choice of licence, one of making the free exchange of programming ideas and concepts a reality. I do think, not believe, that the success of Blender from 2002, when we bought it back, until now and for the future rest on the decision of opening Blender’s source code.
May I remind you that Orange, Peach and Apricot projects are all three efforts to demonstrate the viability of the Open Source business model in the 3D industry by using only Open Source tools? I do believe into that Ideal, yes. Does this has a price? Yes, freedom always has one. Ours to pay is quite light though, compared to that many others.
For the matter of the attacks, although that for all the time that I’ve been part of the Blender Community I’ve never been submitted to that by anyone but Blackboe and you, it is not the reason that I offer my apologies for the harshness of my reply to Zappernet. I wish that I could do better but I can’t now and I’ll live with it.

Let’s not turn things around. You were talking about something that had been added in the past: support for OpenGL ™. Support for OpenGL ™ was added long before the license change to the GPL happened, so OpenGL ™ is not used because there’s a bunch of people behind the scenes of Blender who value freedom more than the use of good and helpful libraries.

Another point to choose for OpenGL at that time would be that Direct3D didn’t even exist and when it did, it was a huge pile of shit.

Besides that, Blender on Windows ® uses a lot of closed code. Think about the Windows ® Kernel ™, the Windows ® Graphical Interface ™ libraries, the CRT libraries (when your version of Blender was built using MSVC ™), etc, etc. You might say it’s not fair to mention those libraries, but they are all in the same league as OpenGL is on Windows and as closed as Direct3D is. And what about the driver for your video card?

I really hope you’re using Linux when making statements like these.

Hum, I think this could be done as a temporary and non-intrusive solution by Python. It would open a DirectX viewport as a new application and sync the data in that viewport with Blender’s data. The way of doing the sync (what and when) are the crucial points. I don’t have many ideas of the possibilities offered by the Python API, but the easiest way of sync’ing would be an observer-observed pattern. Don’t know if it’s possible with the Python API.

The way of sharing the data is also crucial for performances.

But before anything: Is the viewport just for preview or do you expect to be able to do everything you can do in Blender in a DirectX view (edition) ? In other words: what are the expected features of such an extension?

ZapperJet: Have you tried other drivers, other cards, other software (directX or openGL) using the dual screen? That would make it easier to find out where the slow down really occurs. But dual screening usually means spltting performances in two unless you have two GPUs. Further on, openGL is not slow, it’s just the implementation that can be quirky (although nvidia’s might be better than ATI’s), so maybe driver updates can solve the problem. And finally, If you try to run OpenGL in Vista, I still wouldn’t be surprised if there are problems with it, although Khronos group promised native performance: the system is still quite new.


anybody noteised that the original poster hasent replied, and they only have 1 post?(troll mabie?)

I’m not sure how you interpreted that as an attack.

The first paragraph wasn’t an attack.

The second paragraph wasn’t an attack.

The third paragraph was a warning, because you did, in fact, clip out parts of his statement, but still attach his signature to them, making it look completed in your quote, and then you replied to the singular cut-up with a rhetorically sarcastic one-liner, with slightly condescending and intellectually demeaning properties while offering no information at all.

I didn’t say you were a devious propaganda spreader, I said that your action there struck me, personally, as something that had some of those properties. Don’t martyr yourself.

EDIT: I should mention that in your reply, I don’t really want or need your explanation for why you were replying in such a way, or what ZapperJet’s problem is, or anything particularly defensive, because I’m fairly sure I understand where you’re coming from and I have no problems–and agree for the most part–with your ideals. My concern was with the way you expressed it to a relatively very innocent comment about dual-screen problems.

There’s no ‘turning around things’. The discussion was about DirectX being present in Blender. There was no reference about OpenGL in what I said, none. I don’t want the issue to be blurred by discussing the choice of OpenGL in 1995 (first re-write of Blender if I am not mistaking).

OpenSource is about the Ideas as expressed in the source code. You can compile those sources with any compiler that you want, run them on any OS that you want the libraries that the compiler uses, those that the OS uses have nothing to do with the openness of Blender.

I am a practical man and I don’t obsess on using exclusively OpenSource software if something else is needed to get the job done. However Blender is OpenSource and free communication of ideas and concepts is its choice, one which is worth underlining sometimes, worth reminding to the freebee crowd and even defending when there’s need.

This being said, for a fanboy, this is the first time I’ve ever been involved into such a discussion in my long time of using computers and the Internet.


Lol, anyway, whatever became of this thread, and whoever the original poster is, the question can be an interesting one! By the way, does dynamic linking to DirectX libs mean GPL transgression? What about indirect linking through Python ?


He might just have been frightened away too…

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I told you that you were wiser than I didn’t I?


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Well, obviously this is a lost cause. :stuck_out_tongue:

There really is no reason atm. to implement DirectX.
OpenGL has the same capabilities, but still has an old integration.
There are projects going on to improve Blenders OGL integration, and in fact OpenGl is capable of using all DirectX functions by extensions (that’s why I like OpenGL more, and it’s OpenSource and has cross platform capabilities).

Hopefully OpenGL3 will be integrated into Blender when it comes out (with backwards compatibility, of course), that will also give a major performance boost.

If you experience exaggerated slowdowns with Dual Monitors enabled, this is more likely an Nvidia issue than a Blender issue, so you might rather want to contact them instead of us (and maybe convince them to release the drivers source code as well :wink: )

And could we maybe stop flaming on this board? It can get really annoying at times :frowning: