DirectX8 Exporter(new beta version)

New version of the DirectX8Exporter here:


Thanks a lot for your hard work. This is probably the only export script that I have use for. Keep up the good work.

At first, I didnt have any problem with the exporter up until animating my character. When I played the animation in blender it looks fine. When the animated mesh is exported to .x using directx8mod ver. 1.2, it seemed to export properly. But when I load it in the mview.exe(.x viewer), the rotations of the bones are not the same as the one in blender. I provided the blend and the .x file that I exported to see what I mean. Is this a bug? or am I doing something wrong. I am in desperate need of a proper directx from any 3d program. (right click and save as to download)
*notice how the mesh bends both ways? (right click and save as to download)
*when worm.x is viewed on a mview.exe, the mesh only bends one way.

i’ve tried it only on static mesh and it seem to work perfectly!!
tnx 4 the update, this script is really usefull to me.

i can open all the exported mesh with mview easily.


-directx8mod ver. 1.2 is a modified version(modified by jox) of one
of my old beta versions,so I don’t know how to solve your problem.
Try the version in the first thread and let me know.


I tried the latest script you have on your site but it does the same thing like I said on my first post (animation rotation) Thanks in advance Ben.

I think I know why the rotation on the mesh are all screwy. When I load the exported .x file to another program, the animated bone is out of the mesh (the bone is not inside the mesh anymore), but it still have the animation data.