DirectX8Exporter AnimationKeys

Hello alltogether,

I am using the very nice DirectX8 Export Suite to transfer model information from Blender into a small OpenGL 3D Engine that I am currently developing in my spare time. After quite a long time of static meshes, I anticipated animated ones using bone animation. I have to admit that I am still quite new to Blender and as I am more of a coder than an artist, my skills allow me only to model lesser lifeforms so far and so I started with … well… a butterfly that consists of two triangulised quads that are rotated up and down using one bone per wing. Not so chilling an example for bone animation, but then again it is just a starter :slight_smile:

The issue is, that I get exactly the same animation key matrix exported for a bone for all key frames, e.g.

Animation {
AnimationKey {

This is strange as on the other hand, the exporter perfectly recognises the time steps (1, 4, 8, 14) at which the bones have keyframes. In Blender, I can play the animation correctly as long as I stay in Pose or Object Mode. In Edit Mode, however, the bones (and the mesh) stay in the same position all the time. I am using the Blender 2.4 Alpha 2 and the latest DirectX8 Export Suite found at, which is
DirectX8 Export Suite for Blender 2.36(or higher) (DirectX 8(or higher), the latest).

Am I missing something (which is most likely the case) or is this a known issue with the exporter?

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This is completely normal, it is a feature not a flaw. It is that way so you can edit the bones without them being warped by the action.

I havent actually used the script, but from the information you give it appears that:

A) you are using actions to animate the armature
B) the script only supports ipos

(This is a guess)

You could try baking the action and see if that works, otherwise come back and someone else can have a go at helping you :wink:


thanks a lot for your interest in my problem. But unfortunately, baking has not solved the it - it merely introduced a manifold of additional keyframes, which again all get exported with identical bone matrices.

The IPO curve gets automatically created while adding keyframes and so I thought that the curve and actions are just different views on the animation - in which case the exporter could access whatever he likes.

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which version of blender are you using the script with?

2.37a the api should work okay and thus you may be doing something wrong, 2.40alpha and cvs the api may be broken so more investigation may be needed


It works with 237.In the 240(alpha) the API is
changed(as always).I’ll try to make it work for 240


Please let us know what has broken, (and please try with CVS, alpha didn’t have the updated API yet).


-I haven’t investigated too much for the moment,but I think
is something in the conception of the armature matrices… [!]


Hi Ben, can you check with current CVS? It should be feature complete now.

Instead of .New() use Armature()