DirectXExporter for 240

-The last release of the DirectXExporter for Blender 240.
(copy & paste)

It uses the last added Pose Module, so needs one of the
latest builds.I’ve used this one by jms:

The exporter works with armatures and meshes(in the first link
there are included two examples)not with the costraints for the
moment.Since it is still under testing it would be useful to report
any problem or bug .Thanks in advance.


…run the script not in fullscreen mode.All the bones are messed up
after exporting and dont know why.It needs at least one 3d window
active in the screen.

:o great!

it works for me.
can there be some option to flip which direction is UP?
in Blender Z is up, but in my game engine, Y is up.

i guess the modified version of this script I am using in 2.37 has some compensation for this.

-Try this one:


yes, that does it!

i will still have to test it more thorughly (exporting animations, more complex meshes) but so far it seems just what I need to move into the new version of Blender permantently.

thank you!

are you going to put this version on your site? or offer an option of which way is up in the main script?

-I’m working on a new exporter which take counts of the costraints influence
in the animation and which exports the right hierarchy of all the objects in
the scene.I think the new exporter needs a GUI.One of the options of
the GUI might be to turn the Y axis up…