Dirigibles in the desert

The dirigibles could do with better texturing. What do you guys think anyway?

Texturing on the wood looks a little low-res, and the ground textures look quite flat to me. I think you nailed the rope and canvas textures. Can’t tell what that is in the basket though…

sprinkling some cacti around would give it more depth, imo.

This is a pretty good picture, I must say. I like the dreaminess of the entire composition.

But I agree with Modron, the ground seems flat and without much depth. That mountain could be twenty miles away or one, as far as we can tell at this point. You might consider adding some haze to the atmosphere. Even in a desert, there is some dust or something tossed up in the air. This greatly increases the depth of the image and gives it a more believable quality.

Really what’s happening is the light is being diffused by particles in the air, and this decreases contrast in farther objects. Now that Cycles allows Z-buffer exporting, it can be done in the compositor pretty easily.