Dirt between two objects


is there a way to make a dirt material, with procedural maps, between two objects, in the place where they touch?
is there a tutorial or addon?


Have you tried the AO node?

but the effect is barely visible.

I wanted something that makes it very evident.

Well, you will have to pull a couple of values to make the effect. Perhaps something like this:

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excellent, thanks for the help

Is there a way to make dirt accumulate between two objects?
thicker , like a mesh but with procedural maps ?

tell me one thing :

is it possible to transform a tight gradient like the one in the image into a very smooth and long gradient using nodes ?

depends on if that gradient is clipped or not. it probably is, so there is no data to work with. the black is just black and the white is just white.

if by some chance it isn’t clipped, you can add a map range node to adjust the gradient

if my material is too heavy for processing, the appropriate thing is to bake it, right?
but is it necessary to delete the procedural nodes or just disconnecting them already solves it?

thank you again

Just disconnecting solves it. The shaders are evaluated from the output backwards. If something is in no way connected to an output it is not evaluated (Except AOV).

Yes. You have to push and pull a couple of values. Try what the RGB Curve does, Try what the Color Ramp does, the Map Range and so on.

Yes, you can distort the Texture Coordinates. This happens either via a mapping node or via a math node set to multiply. Math multiply is the same as scaling while math add does the same as location i.e. shifts the coordinates.

do you know any addon that has a MixRBG node with input from several maps?


It is not possible to make nodes via addon.

You could make a group to mix as many Mixrgb’s as you want?

Is it possible to set the mix setting for each map input channel?


Not outside of the group AFAIK.


Second thoughts, you could make a Boolean switch and switch between different MixRGBS set differently.

how can this be done?
can you send a file with the nodes?

it cost

This is the basic idea.

I dont really know what you want to achieve so I think Ill leave it up to you to take further…

Probably better asked in another thread too. This, was about dirt…

Heres a good thread with lots of diffrent ways to build switches…

it’s not that . I wanted to simplify the map tree by subtracting several Mixrgb nodes by just one mixrgb with several map entries. it’s possible ?

what i want is to organize the tree of nodes

I have here several maps for the diffuse channel and I would like to merge them instead of doing a general bake.


is there a way to have this AO but making one of the objects invisible without the need to bake?

You can give the object that should be invisible a transparent shader or set alpha to zero in the principled shader.