Dirt mask

Kind of a stupid question but how do you use dirt mask in blender.



Paint the dirt on a black background and add it as an Image Texture with “Use Alpha” on. You can still use Col, Nor, etc.


One thing about Blender that’s not immediately obvious, as to its usefulness, is the fact that you can have several textures contributing to a material … in different ways and in varying amounts.

In computer terms, a “texture” is really a signal generator, whose inputs can come from several things and whose outputs can be mapped (in any combination) to several different attributes of the object to which the material is ultimately applied.

See: http://www.blender.org/modules/documentation/htmlI/c4607.html#materials_textures

Does anyone know of a good tutorial on how exactly to make a good dirt mask in either Photoshop or GIMP?

sigh. I know what a texture is. If you want to use a dirt mask to combine two textures how do you do that. Is it something with the stencil button.
Thanks again


Lol Shard, sigh… Just add it in a seperate channel and map to Col (if you want color) and Nor (if you want scratches and bumps). Then set the strength or degree of the effect with the Col and Norm sliders in the MapTo tab. If you map to Ref or Spec that will be set with the Col slider.

For Stencil see what eeshlo says:
and a tut:

And I forgot; we also have Ramps now!


dirt maps are simple.

have 3 texture channels.
on the middle one, just select “stencil” everwhere its black, the textures above it show through, and where its white the textures below show through. The thing with blender is that its all one material.

ok thanks for the answers fligh and talion. One more question how do you do bumps as well as color maps. Do I just add them below the color maps and repeat the stencil.



specmap 1
normalmap 1
colormap 1

dirtmap (stencil)