Dirt running down


is there any way to select the mesh according to gravity to create a procedural texture of dirt oozing out of each mesh hole?

preferably on EEVEE . it can be in the cycles.



You could let particles run down your object and then use dynamic paint to draw the drops onto it.

do you have any tutorials?


is there a particle brush addon for the blender?
same as those available in substance painter.

Not that I know of.
But why don’t you just paint it manually? It takes only a minute.

I wanted something physically realistic.

No specific one but this seems to describe the basics of what you are looking for:

Its a quadratic hole and a 90 degree angle, look up references and recreate it. You’re wasting your time trying to do something in a very complex way which can be done in a minute and nobody will be able to tell the difference. It stands in no relation to the effort, this is a case of unneeded perfectionism.
Just to make myself clear, you will not only waste your time, you’ll get a worse end result. I tried this before and it doesn’t work because of the 90 degree angle. If you had a more complex surface with different angles and bumps it would make sense. This here doesn’t.

this only makes sense if you plan to do it for a large amount of holes. Otherwise doing it by hand is of course better.

thanks for the personal help

I have another question

is there a way , through a node , to start a gradient under each hole of an object ? only in the extent of this hole?

more or less like the image below.
respecting the width of the hole?

thank you again

For low poly you will need to paint a gunge texture and mix it with a dirt material.

I ask this because there is node : object info that works the texture according to the location of the object .

I wanted to know if it is possible to work the texture like this in a mesh?

is it possible to do this with vertex paint?