Dirty but clear glass material?

So, I need a glass that is both dirty and thick but it doesn’t “shake” (lack of better word, sorry XD) whatever is inside…
Like these bottles with lottle ship models in them… How can I achieve that? Sorry, good at modelling, tremendusly bad at materials…

cycles or bl ?
can you show some pic so we can see what you mean !

happy bl

Cycles, something like this: http://www.hdesktops.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/ship-in-bottle-1920x1200-2246.jpg

dont see much dirt on that bottle

bottom might have lots of refractions

add a bottle glass and change shape for bottom or add some warps on it

so just use a std glass white for the bottle may be add a little bit of roughness
play with ior also

should work fine
at worst you cold add a noise texture on to the glass !

happy cycles

What you might want to do is mix the glass shader with a mix of a diffuse shader and a glossy shader, using the output of a specks texture to determine the opacity.

As for the thickness, I don’t think you would need to do much in the way of anything special here, just make sure you model the bottle with a thick wall. You might also want to play with camera or film presets as well if you’re going to try to get the exact tone of that reference image.