Dirty Camouflage Fabric

As the title suggests, I was trying to get that kind of effect with the materials in Blender. The only time I used an external image was for the fabric bump map. Here’s an image, and a .blend. Hi res image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_vfkyomEnc-E/TEdZyVw9iMI/AAAAAAAAAH0/8XvghM9mcgE/s1600/Camo.jpg

P.S. Don’t mind the other material in the drop down menu; it was a previous failed attempt.


Camouflage.blend (357 KB)

Looks pretty good, but the military(well, us military) doesn’t use that design anymore.

I know; but I can’t get the cloud textures to form the right patterns that way. I was trying to keep it as procedural as possible.

Oh, ok, but like i said, it looks good.