Dirty Lens Effect


I am redoing one of my animations of a planetary system. I am trying to figure out how to add a dirty lens camera.

Do anyone have any ideas the easiest way to? I’ll try to include the blend so you can see what I did. The link is http://averyanthony.com/cgprojectsfxblends/plantsystem2.blend



If what you want is to imitate having specks on the lens that get brighter and then fade as the camera angle changes in relation to the light source, I’d be inclined to fake it using a separate Scene with some speck objects and a light source keyed to sweep across them in coordination with the camera move in the main Scene. Then in the Compositor they could be mixed with appropriate nodes, if you want it to render in a single pass. Same could be done with separately-rendered image sequences in a post-rendering setup in the Compositor. The Compositor will give you a great deal of extra control over how the final effect looks.

For additional effects like lens scratches, passes on variously textured objects could be composited in similar fashion.

I decided to go for a physical plane right in front of the camera with a few displacements and normal tricks of two textures. Then one texture as a displacement modifier. The nice thing is it’s affected by any late source in the scene and can be dynamic. I also had a fix to my spaceship port problem.

Here is the picture.

This is a similiar picture but close up to the planet I tone down the lens dirt and scratches. If you look at the top and midway through between the edges and space. You’ll see a scratch and discoloration like real life which is the lens is either scratched or dirty.