Dirty scene...

I started a new scene to learn a few things about dirtmapping.

(You were hoping for something else, I know… :stuck_out_tongue: )

However, this is the start. We’ll see where this is leading me, because I don’t really have a concept for this one…



cleaver could do with more vertacies and the worksurface is a little to shiny

Why would the cleaver need more vertices? What do you not like about it?

Have to work on the dirtmap for the worksurface a little more, I know…

great start

do you think you will more of a calcium build up or rust on the table?

It seems to me that you used the same texture for the cleaver that you did with the table surface. I would make sure the cleaver had a different amount of reflection than the table. They are both too reflective.

I worked a little bit on the scene and added a lot more dirt on the surface of the table and (of course) the tiles…

However, I think I will the yellow/brown dirt which seems to have bits in it (I wonder why… :wink: ) with some bloody/red dirt. Have to figure out the consistency first, though…


Well Im new to the whole 3d thing, But I can at least say what I think looks good right ?

The Table looks Better, But still is a tad too shiny I think. It’s a dirty kitchen right ? So there’d be food stains, knife marks, things like that. Also wouldn’t be a bright brand new benchtop either.

But the dirtying up of the back wall works I think :smiley:

Im also not sure if it’s possible, but if it is - maybe try to work more dirt into the grout between the tiles ? Not sure how you’ve put it together and what would be possible. But I think that’d be neat

COOL… :o

Interesting project. What’s with the stretching on the side of the table? Also, I recommend looking up some references on stainless steel, specifically brushed stainless steel, as that is what the table would most likely be made out of. One other thing, when people are saying it’s too “shiny” they don’t mean it’s not dirty enough (though that might be true) they mean it’s surface too reflective, with or without dirt on it.

Here’s a great link for doing textures.

I agree with Soter. Stainless steel is usually very scratched up.

Also, (and maybe this is just my brain not cooperating) the tiles look like they’re inverted, like the grout is sticking out. But, as I said, that may just be my own inability to deal with optical illusions.

And the knife handle looks really flat. Like it needs some specular refl.

Honestly, though, I really like the look of it as a whole and can’t wait to see where you take it.