Dirty Vertex Paint Question

I have attempted to use Dirty Vertex Paint, but the issue I have is that it seems you need a lot of vertices to make this work effectively, thus increasing the size of your model and slowing down Blender. Is there a way to get good results with Dirty Vertex Paint without having to sub-divide your mesh? I’ve read something about making a copy of mesh, sub-dividing, then applying, then use Dirty Vertex Paint, then bake, then deleting sub-divided mesh and applying baked to simple mesh…but that seems like a whole lot of extra work just to get some dirt.

What is the best method for this? And if the “bake” method is best, are there any good tutorials on this?


Checking out this post…looks promising. Thanks Ricky.

I seem to have the same issue with Pointiness. Is there a way to do this without having a dense mesh??

pointiness does not need high dense mesh
as I remember !

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Hi RickyBlender…mesh density definitely appears to have an impact on pointiness working. Below are 2 images using the default cube. Image one has the pointiness node applied in the material but no modification to the default mesh. Image 2 is with the default cube mesh subdivided by 10. You can see the subdividing impact how pointiness is applied.

I am wondering if there is a way around having to subdivide the mesh to get this edge effect.


Does putting in edge loops work - as opposed to subdividing the whole mesh.

make a duplicate, subdivide the duplicate…set v colors. unwrap the original, bake vertex colors from duplicate to original. delete duplicate.


how did u do the second cube with red edges ?
I can make some colored edges but very light
and function of the distance of bars in the color ramp

and looks like you need some loops to get it to work

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RickyBlender - 2nd cube is subdivided by 10. Material nodes are shown in the image. Yes, more density (loops) are required. Is your cube the default cube? or did you add loops?

Modron - attemped your suggestion but am not following the complete work flow. Do both cubes (orig and dup) required unwrapping? Do you apply materials before or after bake? When I bake the dup cube I get only a rendered square.


the cubes in middle have a few loops added near the outward edges

may be if I add many more it might work better

note: i’v seen Suzanne work much better then using the cube !
don’t think this is meant to find edges as such

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