Dirtying up a texture in Gimp

How to go from this:

To this:


Easy Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRnt8DZ2maY

Wow, that was fast. Awesomeness! :cool:

Thank you :D.

Nice tutorial.Minor crits. It’s too long.You could’ve showed the starting pictures,the work process,the end result. Looking around Cgtextures? No need ,thank you :slight_smile: Also I’ve never thought mouse clicking could be THAT irritating. Please move away the microphone. Otherwise- very good. Do you know does Photoshop possess the same “make seamless” option as Gimp?

(edit) I’ve checked your Tower and small house tutorials also.Seems that in the house one you’ve solved the microphone problem. Good job!

Hey goh! Thanks for the constructive crits. I didn’t know about the mouse click noise :o lol, I figured out that it was an extra sound my screen recorder added in for each mouseclick xD

Also, you are right, next time I’ll skip the CGTextures :slight_smile:
Hmm, I am not terribly familiar with photoshop, but I do know that the Gimp doesn’t per say, “make seamless”, literally. What it does is just spreads out the variation in the texture so that it does not look so obvious when tiled. When tiled, there still may be seams though. I am making a video tutorial now on how to eliminate seams from a texture completely. This process does not use Gimp only, but also Blender.
Thanks again,

Thanks for the response and the tutorial,Micah. Nice one.

i didn’t watch the videos, but it looks like you just applied a cloud filter with alpha and a grey color. Real dirtying up a texture would be to create some rips and tears in the threads!