Hi, its time to learn animation in Blender by creating my own short animated film. Big challenge, i know. Especially since this is my beginning of adventure with animation. I wrote my own script and now I’m starting to put together scenes for later animation. I leave the characters and their animations for the end because I still can’t decide which direction to go with them.

Title scene.

Scene 11 on two levels of the office with no portraits yet

Scene 13 - a hill with a bench still with grass and trees before concreting the entire hill.

I will try to systematically add rendered frames from the scenes and later on, characters and concept art.

If you have any comments or ideas, go ahead.



Update WIP - Scene 04 Hero home, suburb. Currently working on small things like benches, antennas, flower beds, street lamps, subway entrance, street etc.

Update 19.08 - 1 - scene 04 Hero home, 1 from 6 homes proceduraly textured with Fluent Materializer. Still some missing models. I use some duplicated trees and temp grass for now.

Update 19.08 - 2 - scene 04 suburb neighborhood