disable and object from being culled or clipped?

Is there any possible way to do this…?

probably not, if your talking about the shapekeys thing, or replacing mesh.

No, I am actually trying to implement a self made skybox, but due to clipping ranges it gets cut off. I am no shader programmer and I could not find any resources on it…so…I thought this was the simplest thing to do…

If anyone has any other ideas, I will gladly hear them.

use a background scene?

have all my gameplay on the second scene layer? and setup only my sky etc on the first scene?

turn up the camera far clipping

no instead of an overlay, use a background scene (look at the scene brick) for the skybox.

or as deadlus says (performance decrease)

lol, I never knew that exsisted…well my clip far was 30K(are you friggin’ kidding me???) yes…30K so when my frame rate started getting down in the 40’s I thought…‘clip far’ for obvious reasons…but the truth is shadows eat more resources that the large clip range…or a bit of both…since it is drawn twice for the shadow…as far as I know…

anyway I just woke up and I am babbling…I will look into this thanks.

you can also keep the box in the main scene make it a bit smaller so no clipping occurs, and vertex parent it to your player.
so take the option you like the most :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will give it a try…I’ve mostly been doing some smaller tweaks today…and this is one of the things on my list…I moved past it, but it is something I DO NEED TO REVISIT.

Thanks for the help.