Disable (broken) Grid View

(Odjin) #1

Is it possible to disable this new topic grid view in the forum? It’s horribly broken, counter-intuitive and really, really annoying. I just want back the previous topic listing as a top-down list. This one worked perfectly while this grid view is just one broken mess. Whenever topics are updated the stupid tiles fly around the screen, get stuck half way through forcing me to reload the page because it became unusable.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

I’m currently leaning towards keeping this solution instead of the grid gallery for two reasons:

  • The ‘tiles’ gallery (which also generates the #featured top row) is under very active development, and the grid gallery isn’t. It breaks when Discourse updates.
  • I like the larger graphics and high dpi images that it supports.

I agree that the animation is annoying and have raised the issue with the developer. An option to disable the animation will be available shortly.