Disable collision only between chosen objects

Is possible to do in Blender GE this thing?:

I’ve got ten objects, all of them rigid body, non-ghost (so they can collide each other), but object one, acts like ghost to object two…but both of them, oject one and two act like non-ghost to others…only these two objects behaves like ghost to each other (object one can pass through object two, but can’t pass through any of other objects - 3-10, object two the same…)
I think this isn’t possible to obtain by logic bricks, but could it be done by python script?

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: sorry for terrible English :frowning:

Try this:
Add a “Generic 6DoF” rigid body constraint to object 1. Enter Object 2’s name (E.G Cube2) to the object box. Don’t select anything but "No collision’.
Works for me.

By the way, your English is better then many here. It is not terrible at all.

Wow thanks a lot. I just tried that and it works. I wanted to know how to do this so much. I had no idea constraints worked on the BGE.

Funny when I start thinking I’m getting good at this I find there’s a whole new sea of possibilities I didn’t know of :S

ok, but there is a problem…I need change this status during realtime, for example, the property equals one, than the “no collision” is enabled, when property equals zero, no collision is inactive (object collide the second)…I know, this works, but, in fact, works permanently:D

No idea? It’s impossible to achieve this during game?