Disable CTRL Snapping


Is it possible to deactivate the feature that holding the ctrl key while being in Translate Mode activates snapping?

Cheers Christian

User Preferences / Input
Expand the Translate/Scale/Rotate shortcuts to reveal the Transform Modal Map. In these settings disable the Invert Snap options

Or Just don’t press the Ctrl key

Why are you holding the Ctrl key if you don’t mind my asking?

This just toggles to the other state so if you had snapping turned OFF (magnet icon in the header) holding ctrl down turns it ON for as long as you hold it. So if you have some reason - sentiment perhaps - for wanting to hold the ctrl key down I guess you could turn ON snapping, and then keep it turned off by holding the ctrl key down. Whatever works for you!

Edit: I see Richard got in there while I was typing! Also, I looked at your other posts and this one makes perfect sense now. Good luck!

thing is that i want to map “translate” to ctrl-alt LMB which doesn’t work due to snapping … well it works, but always snaps.
i already tried deactivating the snapping tools in the modal map - doesn’t work unfortunately

i can’t map “translate” to “y-LMB” since i cannot change the “constraint to y axis” hotkey which activates once i use y to translate … and i can’t map it to ctrl-alt LMB due to snapping :confused:

HA … got it ^^
disabling snap in the modal map doesn’t work, you have to keep it active but remap it :smiley:
thanks guys

btw … does anyone know how to set up the invert snap to the middle mouse button?
it has to say: Keyboard (from the dropdown) and “Any Middle Ctrl” … no clue how to achieve this