Disable Mipmaps Preloader - 2.5

Hey. So here’s a resource to disable mip-maps in runtimes made with Blender 2.5. There are issues - it will restart the executable when it runs, and it doesn’t work for Multitexture mode. Still, it’s a pretty good script for Blender 2.5 that you can use for your finished games.

To use it in your projects, the easiest method would be to append the Preloader scene into your game file. Set the cube’s ‘beginscene’ property in the Preloader scene to the name of the first scene in your game. When you make the runtime, make sure that the Preloader scene first. That’s it.

EDIT: And make sure that the Preloader is using the texture mode that you want to use for the game, as I believe it carries over.

Check it out here.

Its so weird that nobody even reply to this kinds of threads, I m away for the forum for quite sometime with other projects, but aniway this is great solar lune thanks for that!

Thanks, leonnn. It’s some kind of bug in Multitexture mode that prevents this from working - I’m not sure exactly what could fix it. Anyway, this should be applicable to any runtime setting that you want to change (resolution, fullscreen (maybe?), etc).

so this basically does a:
blender.exe -g nomipmap = 1 ?

Is there some reason we can not do this with a batch file? or a .CMD?

I like this preloader. It makes so that the game will be cross platform.

For me to use a script file would mean I need a .bat for windows, an .sh for unix and whatever those nice apple use.

Thank you!
+1 cookie!

You could use a batch file, but I personally prefer not to have to distribute another file (the batch file, the game executable, and the blend file itself). So, to make it slightly cross-platform, I let Python handle running the game with the correct arguments with a script. That’s just me, though.

By the way, no problem.