Disable / mute Constraint via Python, how to?

Hey guys, I’m pretty much a bloody noob when it comes to Python or scripting in general, but right now I’m tryin’ 2 figure out, how to access the “Enable/Disable Constraint”-function via python. For the sake of clarity, I mean what is shown here in it’s UI-version:

In any case, I just don’t get it. I’m currently using 2.56 & would be thankfull for any sort of advise, maybe code-example or whatever may make this clear to me.

Many thx in advance & greetings, Kologe

have you read :

Quickly i found (in edit mode):

>>> bpy.context.edit_object.constraints[0].mute

>>> bpy.context.edit_object.constraints[0].mute = True
>>> bpy.context.edit_object.constraints[0].mute

where[0] means first constraint in the stack of constraints