Disable new cross cursor in sculpt mode

Hi there, is there a way to disable the new cursor in sculpt/paint mode ( only the cross in the middle) it is too much in my eyes, it is destructing me.
Any help is highly welcomed, thanks

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I was surprised, too.
There is no way to disable it. No brush setting, no overlay option, no viewport preference.

This is clearly a problem. Let’s politely ask the UI team. @brecht @ideasman42 @William @jbakker Please guys, can we have a way to disable the that cursor (cross in the middle)?

This is not the only problem. This cursor is black, which means that you won’t be able to see it when dealing with dark backgrounds/textures.

I really don’t understand how something like this was allowed to be committed.

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What is the ideal situation? RWP just wants a contrasting outline for the current cursor, but Eric wants it gone.

Do you need to switch between cursors from a list in a drop down or is a setting in Preferences enough? When showing a cursor is a crosshair the best? Should it be white with black outline, black with white outline, or do you want a choice of either? How large should the transparent area in the very middle be? A single pixel, 3x3, 5x5? Any examples from other programs?

To me, the way to improve this area would be:

  1. Retina support for cursors, so we actually use the large cursors for something useful, and so they look sharp
  2. Add outline around crosshair cursor (trivial)
  3. Add option to completely hide the actual cursor and only show the brush circumference ring
  4. Make the circumference ring stronger and more prominent

All these things go together. I wouldn’t do #2 without #3, because then the cursor would become more prominent and distracting, albeit more visible.

You also can’t really do #3 without #4, because the current ring is too subtle to stand alone.





That cursor seems to look like this:


C[quote=“William, post:6, topic:1164472”]
All these things go together. I wouldn’t do #2 without #3, because then the cursor would become more prominent and distracting, albeit more visible.

You also can’t really do #3 without #4, because the current ring is too subtle to stand alone.

2 could be done without 3 and should be done immediately. The cursor itself (like above), would be no more prominent than it is on Zbrush. The fact that the ring is not strong enough has no bearing on Eric wanting the mouse cursor removed completely.

So really, the list should be:

  1. fix cursor and get in immediately for 2.80
  2. option to hide cursor and show only ring for 2.81
  3. improve circumference ring visibility
  4. Get brain-dead Macs to not double cursor size on Retina

Note when I say “fix cursor” I don’t mean replace crosshair but add new cursor for scuplting

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It has, because with no cursor in the center, you rely exclusively on the ring, which then has to be strong and clear enough to stand alone.

Currently, there is some kind of blending that dims the ring - we should simply remove this.

If you reread his comment he feels quite different from RWP, doesn’t want the mouse cursor at all, and didn’t tie that to ring visibility.

RWP wants mouse cursor more visible and also didn’t tie that to ring visibility.

So, no the priority should still be mouse cursor even if nothing else is immediately changed. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

Sorry for not being part of the conversation earlier on, pretty busy with other stuffs. To be honest with myself i went sculpting with old builds and i understand that what was disturbing was the way the cursor is sometimes disappearing while sculpting. I sculpt with Blender 2.79, old Blender2.8 alpha, sculpting feature branch (Pablo’s branch) and the latest beta. I noticed that Blender 2.79 and blender 2.8 alpha the cursor was quit big but didn’t disturb and Pablo’s branch there is a white cross and didn’t disturb (only the small dot lagging from time to time).
A full white cross with black border should be good and if the developers enough have time why not the ability to hide (disable) the cross when needed.

Thanks for the link i didn’t notice that commit :frowning:

It can stay the cursor but if possible a white cross with black outline.

@Harley Any update on this issue? Sculpt mode is broken for days now.

Can’t believe this isn’t fixed yet…

No real information, just gossip. The last time I saw this discussed the plan was to replace the currently-used cursor with one that looks identical to the one shown above (from Zbrush) as soon as possible. And then later add options to show only cursor, only ring, or both.

It is a very busy time for all of them.

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Sculpt mode is broken ? Because they replaced the system cursor arrow with something actually useful, accurate and discreet ?

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Sometimes it is better to pay attention to other people concern, "sculpt mode is broken " may be not the right wording but there is problem, he is not the only one complaining about it. Here is where the discussion continues if you are interested https://developer.blender.org/D5080


@erickBlender @William If possible could you like the proposal I have posted in right click select? I believe this matter would be further noticed when we make it trending in that forum. Also it would be great if you can invite your friends to upvote it also.

The best case scenario is to have both the cross and point an optional element of the sculpt brush which I believe that is how Zbrush implements it.

This is already gaining some attention but still might need some more upvotes to have better exposure.


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@Hadriscus Repsectfully if this feature is trying to take inspiration from Zbrush. We should also take into consideration the small important details that they too have also took into consideration.

I believe Zbrush made these elements optional because the sculpt brush is the main tool you will be looking at for the majority of your work. Adding some details should be taken carefully. Not everyone is the same. Some poeple are fine with looking into the small dot the whole time but some are not and they just want to focus more on the subject instead of being drawn a the small piece of element which is highly noticeable that unconsciously you will not be aware that most of the time your are already staring/focusing on it, instead of organically sculpting and be spatially aware. But with this new addition it would take a good amount of mental acrobatics to be able to fool yourself not to look into it.

Lastly I cannot completely comapre it to Zbrush itself because the way they implemented the cross and point cursors where in subtle manner. In blender, again with all respect and not to be negative with the developers and designers, the small point is too big for it to be considered that small, highly noticeable. In Zbrush you can either disable it, if enabled the small point is so minute that is almost unnoticeable even if your brush stroke is not too fast.

This is not to discourage the new feature but making it optional would go a long way.