Disable object render locally

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I like to create a batch rendering from my scene while having an object as the background which will be present on all the renders and the other objects which I like to have visible per each render. so technically the other two objects will be disabled in the render and only one object will be visible per render.
I tried to create a multiple “linked copy” scene but unfortunately, the render “camera” icon seems to be global and affect all the scenes.
I tried to do the same thing with creating multiple layers but I am still facing the same issue that disabling/enabling render “camera” affects all the scenes/layers

is there a way I could disable render locally and not globally similar to hide/view objects in view port?

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Does this help?

Thanks for your response. Not really, it does not.

Oh, sorry if this is redundant but this isn’t what your asking for?

Use for Rendering

The active view layer will be used during rendering.

Render Single Layer

Only render the active view layer.

I’m not very well versed in compositing.

Maybe this:

Yes. Camera icon is global. But Collection activation is not.
You have to set each object in its own collection.
Then, you can define what collections are enabled/disabled by View Layer.