disable pop ups

hi is there anyway to disable pop ups without downloading/installing programs yet every thing else still works (eg. hotmail)

Uh, you mean that you want to disable popups without downoading a program to do so? I don’t think that’s possible, without altering the code of your browser :slight_smile:
But you could change to Opera, which has the feature built in, and is in anyways rather good browser :wink:

I like the google toolbar. I use it constantly anyways, there’s a cool feature that tells the pagerank of whatever page you’re on (likelihood of it turning up in a google search, based on links), it doesn’t take a lot of space, and it blocks pop-ups. Win-win-win-win, for me.



i remeber reading somwhere that you can disable somthing under internet option but i cant seem to find it

mozilla has pop-up blocking built right into it.

i have never seen an unwanted popup from mozilla, (somehow it lets the good ones through so everything still works)

however on IE i get lots of popups.

bad thing is that mozilla is another program (bowser) you need to download, so sorry buddy out of luck with your requirments (although its much better than IE)


Yeah, mozilla is totally worth the d/l. You get tabbed browsing–which once you try you won’t be able to live without (at least that’s my experience :P) ;).



google toolbar is perfect. It doesn’t get in the way, and it blocks all of the popups…what else do you need?

He just said it…tabs! :stuck_out_tongue:

mozilla rocks…

try it once you’ll forget about IE :wink:


A couple of things about pop-ups. you can disable pop-ups caused by web pages by disabling Java script in IE, but this also disables a lot more things that are used as well.
However a lot of pop-ups aren’t caused by the webpages you visit anymore (with a few exceptions)
If you are getting a lot of pop-ups it may be caused by Spyware on your computer so you might wan tto take a look at that to make sure that your system is clean of any spyware programs (use a program like Spybot or Ad-aware to check). They are good to have, dispite being a download, as you may want to run them once a week or so to make sure your system is clean.