Disable Rigid Body?

Hi there?
I try some fracture methods and whant to hold shard with an object together.
This “holder-object” is a rigid body.
After a delay its rigidbody-function should be disabled.
I found Disable Rigid Body in the logics, but for me its not working (even on 1.49, too).
What is wrong?
Is it possible to enable GHOST-Object in GameLogics.
Or any other way to control bypass of the rigidbody function?


To Disable a rigid body I found that you have to use both ‘Disable rigid body’ AND ‘Suspend Dynamics’. A word of warning though, I find that objects with Suspend Dynamics on them tend to cause other objects that collide with them to Fly off at incredible speeds.

It sounds like your trying to make a breakable object. If so I you can use this method I have devised below(probably many others that thought of it before me though :P).

First make the glass or wall or whatever you want to break. Then make a copy of it. Fracture the copy into the desired amount of pieces and give them names like glasspiece1 ect. Now select all the pieces and move them to a new layer (M). Now, add an empty in the center of the objects and give it a unique name. It can be set to no collision. Now set the cursor to each piece, adding an empty for each one (give names like shardadder1). You can then move the empties out a bit from your shards if you want. Select all shard empties and then the first empty and parent them to it(Ctrl P). Now for each shard Empty, add logic bricks to add the shard that it corresponds to. You can now go back to the first layer and set up the trigger on your object to add the first empty(give it a time so it gets rid of itself after a while). This will add the first empty and all of its children objects too, which will then spawn their shards. It should look like the object breaks :D. Using this method you can then just copy the first object, or add it to a group to make more breakable objects.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

OMG thank you … but that was too much for me :D.
Ill check that out - but it would be nice if you could give me an example file.
Is this possible?

Hey, lol sorry for the wall of text XD.

Ok I made an example file. Its for 2.49b but should work in 2.55 and 2.56 beta’s too.



Scar’s breakables.blend (288 KB)

Thank you soo much for your work :slight_smile: it looks good- but is not what i was looking for.
Ill make this:
three long cubes side by side.
The right one falls to the middle and breaks, the middle will break on contact, too and begin to fall to the left one.
Then by contact the left one breaks, too.
This is easy to, realize with suspend dynamics and delay ;).
The problem ist this.
A “broken” cube does not fall to the side , it just breaks and the shards fall down.
What i try to simulate is a “glue” effect of the shard, till the 1st contact with another object is there.
So what i tryed ist to duplicate the 1st cube an made the copy i little bit bigger and used it as “holder box” for the shards.
With rigidbody the holderbox with the shards in it falls correct to the side.
What i would need now is too disable rigid bodey of the holder box, so the shards can fall- but that is not working.
So i tryed another thing:
I recorded the falling holderbox to ipo and after that disabled recording for this box.
so next time i record to ipo the holderbox just follows its IPO ;).
So in the frame of contact i move it away (before i deleted the face on the bottom).
But this is not working, too becaus bullet physics are not detailes enaugh (hope you understand what i mean).
So any other idea how to realize that?

Thanks again for your help and your work!!!


Oh, so you are making something like dominos, with pillars falling onto each other but breaking on contact?

And you want the holder object to turn to ghost to let the shards fall through? It may be possible with python but I’m not sure.
Can you just set it to End Object when you want the shards to fall?

Right! This is what i whant!
But im a noob in Python … just tryed it with the Game Engine … hard mission i think now!