Disable texture slot

In previous versions of Blender, prior to 2.8, users where able to turn texture slots on and off. Doing so, made things much easier while working with multiple texture slots. Most importantly, when it came to texture painting, this feature made it easier for users to turn texture slots on and off without the need of having to delete the texture, or go in the node editor and break its link.

I tried looking in the manual and searched online without any success for how or where this feature is in Blender 2.8. Would any of you here know where it is located, or if it even exists? I cannot see why anyone would think it would be a smart move of getting rid of this feature, especially as Blender developers improve its texture layers system.

Somehow I feel I am not getting the love here. My question should not be that difficult to understand, as this feature of disabling textures existed since at least Blender 2.5. But if you must need more clairty, fig 1 shows my example

fig 1.texture_slot_ex