Disable y axis??

I am extremely new to the ge ( just started today) and I am trying a learn as you go project 30 mins later it is time for the learn part. I’m making a sorta 3d side scrolling marble rolling game and I have a few questions.

  1. Constraining to x and z axis. Is this possible? I’m having a few troubles where I try to jump the ball while moving forward. While in the air if I press back it turns the marble around which is what I want. The thing is, that as it turns it gains momentum and the y axis and rolls off the plain. Now I could make the plain larger but then if it moves on the y axis it could move out of the way ,or around, a reset object.

  2. Moving the view. I want the veiw to move with the ball so I only have to show a small portion of the screen to surprise players. While I could zoom out enough to se the whole level that would defeat the purpose. I tried to parent the camera to the ball and do it in camera view but that rotates the camera with the ball which is understandable, just not what I’m going for.

  3. Creating a shop. Not something I intend to put in right away but I was wondering if it was possible to create a shop in which after every level you go to the shop and are asked if you wish to buy boosts? Like say you can collect coins through a level (which I understand how to do) and then buy powerups from a shop, like higher jump, and subtract it from the amount of coins you have? And how would you implement a higher jump if someone were to buy it? Also how would you make it so that the coins carry over to the next level?

  4. Going from level to level. How do you set this up? Like if you were to hit the goal with the ball and go to the next level. I assume you would use a reset button some how.

Thank you all in advance. Happy blending.

1.Use a contsraint actuator.
2.The scene actuator can set which camera is active
3.Marbles wear boots?
4.Scene Actuator.

I have some idea about 1. and 4.

  1. I think u’d have to put the ball into a kind of a chute, is that right? In other words, surround the scene in an invisble glass case, where even if the physics try to push it on the y axis, it would be inpossible because of the invisible walls. Basically make some walls and then turn there alpha’s up on the materials or just invert the normals so that you can see right through them.

  2. Each level could be a different scene if u wanted to do it like that. Then when it was time to warp to the next level. just switch ur scene.

I’ve got another question. When I press the p button the scene keeps restarting. This is because I have a moving object set to reset when contacted with the ball. The thing is it resets when it contacts the plane. Is there a way to make it ignore the plain but not the ball?

@ self-adhesive: Thank you for the response I will try it immediately.

Make sure the object that will be collided with has a property, because if you don’t add a property in the Collision sensor, it reacts if it hits anything.

I acually tried to constrain it to the y axis liike that but it didn’t work because I had the up arrow to force upward movement (jump) set to touch so basically you could jump infinately.

That one I haven’t spent much time trying to do so I’ll test that later.

you can use emptys as points in space along the X axis.

put them on the very far ends of your level…

name one right… name the other left…

with your movement keys for left and right, have it do a Trackto: RIght empty when they push the right key
and a track to the “left” empty for the left key…

to move have the player physics object move :Force along the + and -, X axis.

you can use a boolean property as well (true or false) for the direction…
have a property sensor for true and false false, which controls the Track to.
this way you can make it absolutly face right or left.

like this
sensor: property, Right , True > AND > Actuator : Edit Trackto “right”

the keyboard Right key only controls motion:Force,+ on theLOCAL X axis and a property to set the property right to true
left the same thing only set the property right to false.

soon as I leart more about blender 2.43 I will have a tutorial on the subject.

for now look at my game Zody the slug, its move left and right are exactly as I described above…

Go through this tutorial:


poof ur a fucking genious!!! omgosh, thanks for showing us the path to Zen like logic brick programming!!

That’s a groovy way to think about it

I’m not trying to sound ignorant but can you show me a screen shot or 2 of your settings? I have never used booleans before and I can’t download zody because I’m using a mac and safari browser so the link shows up as coding.

For the link, right click on it and select “Save Target As” and for a boolean property, there are only two settings: True, and False.

Guess I’ll just wait for the tut. I can’t figure it out for the life of me.