Disabling 3d face selection colorizing while editing UVs

Hello guys,

lets say i want to texturize left side of the object according to my photo.

heres what i do:

  1. in 3d view window i select “side view”;
  2. select all the faces i see from this view;
  3. Mesh -> UV unwrap -> Project from view (at this point I have my photo already loaded in the UV image editor window).
  4. The rest is pretty much easy - i edit my UV coordinates in UV edit window to match my photo source.

It is very hard to edit UV coordinates and look how the texture is being applied on object in 3d view because active UVs I am working with - are marked as being selected (which means blender colorizes them in 3d view and texture becomes 50% worse to see).

Is there any way i can turn off the face colorizing in 3d view window when they get selected so i can work in UV editor and check my 3d view window simultaneously?

P.S. “Sync UV and Mesh Selection” is not a solution since on later stage when i have my UV unwrapped for the side view, then i do the same for the top view… and editing top views UVs - destroys my previously tuned side view UVs.