disabling a hot key

I of course use the ‘a’ key a lot when I am in the 3d window, but if my cursor is in the Properties menu or toolbox menu then pressing the ‘a’ key opens and closes the options in those menus. Since I am sometimes careless of where the cursor is, it ends up screwing up my workflow. Is there a way to disable the ‘a’ key when I am in those other menus?

Sorry, no solution, just all my sympathy. There is no word strong enough do describe how I HATE this “A” shortcut. :mad: I’ve been hunting it down in the jungle of the shortcut editor… :confused::spin: …with not much luck so far. :no:

No solution? It’s so sad… :frowning:

(Bump me up, Scotty!) :smiley:

I’m thinking it’s either hard-coded or buried deep in some python file. I’ve not been able to find anything about this shortcut whatsoever. It’s not listed in the ‘View 2D Buttons List’. Also, it seems to work on all panel menus, so it seems to be a feature which is not reserved for any particular window.

Some API info can be found on panels HERE (particularly the bl_options section), but I’m not sure this actually gets you any closer to finding what you’re asking for. Perhaps this would be a better question for the scripting/python section of the forums.

Best of luck