disabling caps lock?

i never use caps lock on purpose, but it always makes me mis-type my password or something else and i want to disable it somehow. i am running lubuntu 32 bit. is it possible to disable, and how?

if its a big problem, you can remove most keys on a keyboard.
pop it off. :slight_smile:

well its not such a big problem that i would physically remove the key… thanks for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, I stuck a little dot on it with a hot glue gun
don’t do it as often now (but sometimes lol )

If you’re using a normal desktop environment, the places he lists to put the command aren’t what I would do.
I’d go to the startup applications window and insert it there
Or in i3, it’s put it at the bottom of the config file

thanks sdfgeoff, but actually i was rendering once and i got bored so i started fiddling with pulling on caps lock… and it popped off :slight_smile:
the best thing is, there is still a little knob that i can push to enable/disable caps lock, but it makes making typos much harder now because i have to really press on the right part of it :slight_smile: