disabling child/parent

I’m modelling a a spaceship which needs to have some parts able to move independently, so I child/parented them to the ‘hull’ so that they would remain attached but not be a part of the hull (like it would if i ctrl-j ‘joined’ the mesh).

Trouble is, when i try and animate the whole thing by setting an Ipo curve, the child objects fly away from the parent. I can only assume I’ve done something wrong, and i don’t know how to remove the child/parent things so that i can try again


To remove a Child/Parent relationship, select the 2 objects and hit ALT+P.

fantastic, thanks

Now, does anyone have any idea why this thing is happening, because i really need to have gun turrets that can swivel on their own and bits that are of different materials, but that can be animated as a whole

Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

I think child parenting should work on its own, but if not, you could upload your blend file and I could take a look at it…

I’ve removed all the child/parent links now, and put everything back where it’s supposed to be. I’ll try the linking again tomorrow - if it doesn’t work, I’ll upload it