Disabling Color Management

I have read a lot of people recommending to turn off Color Management. I would like to know what you guys think about that and also I found where the Color Management information is located in a scene tab, but how do you disable it?

Could you give us links to those recommendations? It’s important to note when they were posted.

From my understanding CM was a bit tricky in its very early versions right after it was introduced, but is pretty solid (and I would say essential even) now.

What issues do you have that would require disabling CM?

I’m no expert, but I believe you disable it by choosing none.
I only temporarily disable it if I’m working with material math nodes, render the view, and measure their output. OR some other debugging thing. I’ve never heard about advice to disable it (although I haven’t been around here for very long), and I would agree it seems essential to have it enabled.