disabling shadow

I’m experiencing a rather complicated problem with object that need to have disabled shadow but at the same time be traceable for raytracing. I’ve got 4 different render layers and for some of them I could turn tracing off (for this object) but then I need it on one layer. I’m using one lamp and ambient occlusion all raytraced.

Is there any way to bypass this problem?

Did you try setting one light for objects in that layer only to shade it and then turn off receive shadow for the material?

I don’t need to receive shadow for that object since I’ve set it to shadeless.
I want it to cast no shadow and be traceable at the same time.

I was looking for the answer to this too as I’m using a backdrop and it’s casting a shadow. Did you find it?

It was a while ago and I didn’t find any way to overcome this issue. But since it was a specific situation I’m sure that for most situations compositing with render layers would help. If you could describe me your scene with more details I’m sure we would figure something out.

*by mistake I’ve doubled my last post