disapearing character

hi eveyone.
i’m having a problem with 2 of my characters.
i duplicated one character to make another almost exactly the same (i’m still new to blender and it takes me ages to make and rig a character).
anyway i saved it and closed blender and opened it the next day to find the duplicate missing! so i clicked the origanal bone rig to duplicate it again and the duplicat apeared in the place of the origanal. i pulled ot out and they where both there but because there exactly the same shape and size it looked like one disapeared. i don’t whant it doing this because when i start animateing it might reck the whole thing!:frowning: is there anyway to stop it doing this?:confused:

You probably had some keyframe animation on the original. When you copy it, it copies these keyframes. In the IPO editor for the duplicated object delete the keyframes datablock at the bottom of the window or make it a single user to break the link and adjust as you need.

yea i did have a key frame for the origanal. thanks