Disapearing Gate

Hey, I have a little problem, I have a gate for a castle that has health that will go down when enemys are near, but I want the gate to disapear when the property logic goes to zero, and I don’t know how to do that. Thanks ahead of time.

if you want to end it just add an edit object actuator but if you want to just make it invisible use a visibility actuator.

No, you didn’t understand me, what I am wondering is how I can have the property send a message when it reachs zero, then I will set it to end object.

so…your asking how to use a message actuator?

this would be so much easier with a blend.

I don’t know how to upload one. :\

You’ll probably want to use the Property sensor and the Edit Object actuator:

What might happen, however, is that your health goes below 0, and therefore messes everything up. What I do to avoid that is this:

I’m not sure if there are any more efficient methods, however. :o

Hope this helps!


more efficient way… Python, you can say with the expressions controller if health >= 0 then continue to the actuator, and this can be active with the property sensor that says if the property changes, then go to the expression check it… If it’s true go to the actuator if not stop. And you make the actuator the health property = 0

That’s would I’d do :wink:

Hey guys thanks for all the help, but I figured it out, its kind of cool looking, needs work though. Thanks

That’s what I would too. If you want to create a game with some level of complexity you’re probably better off making things in Python, as it just gets so much more efficient in the long run.

Yeah I’ve been wanting to learn the python languge, but I have just not had the time, plus I do not know the best place to start, but I do plan to learn it soon, is it hard to learn?