disapearing mesh in ge

so i have an animation playing in my game of two characters running around chasing each other and i did it by animating a parent bone on each character that moves the characters around the space. all this animation is done within the action editor. my problem is when i view the animation from certain angles the character mesh disappears leaving only the eyes. i think this might have something to do with the fact that the mesh is not aligned with the armatures origin for most of the animation. But i really don’t know. anyone have any idea whats going on. here are some screen shots.

full mesh
just the eyes are visible when the mesh disapears. boooooo!

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


maybe wrong “normals” for the faces?!
Enter edit mode, select all faces and do “Ctrl-N” keys to recalculate them!
If still not “good”…maybe you’ve set those faces to “invisible”?

looks like an alpha sorting bug possibly? check that the textures are set to opaque instead of alpha