Disapearing objects??

Hello, i am just making a basic game where you just walk around and admire my track. But i have really weird problem. When i get close to any object besides the ground, it disapears. For EX. i walk close to a tree but once im roughly 10 meters from it it disapears. Why is that and how can i change that?

Its the clipping distance for your camera. If an object center gets within 10 meters of your camera it is make invisible. Just go into your camera’s object settings and change minimum clipping distance to a very small number.

ok, im new to blender, could you explain how to do that. I tried, but i only found object settings not clipping distance.

i also found 'clip star’t and ‘clip end’ options but it makes it worse when fiddle with this. Please help!

those clip start/end options are probably the source of the problem.

Make sure the clip start is set to a decimal value (to be safe set it to 0.001)
clip end determines how far your camera can see…so set that to something like 500 which gives your camera an unnecessarily good range.

If the problem persists, it might have something to do with other settings perhaps even within your logic (assuming you have some).

I also just experimented a bit and you can run into problems with visibility in the game engine if you scale your camera to extremes. (at a certain point the orientation changes when you scale too small and i dunno what happens or why but things get invisible)

So i suggest (unless absolutely impossible) making a new camera and not scaling it at all. If your camera has properties and you don’t want to delete it:

  1. make the new camera
  2. select your old camera - then while holding shift - select your new camera
  3. hit “ctrl - c”
  4. copy the properties and logic over in this way.
  5. delete your old camera (and fix any parenting)

If none of that works I am out of ideas.

Oh, and don’t post another thread to point to an older one…that’s a headache for the forum managers. (and plus you can bring this thread to the top simply by posting on it again [but don’t do that unless it is really urgent])

Why don’t you post your .blend?