disapearing objects

hi all
i’ve been working on a fan-made game based on the spyro series. anyway, this is realy ticking me off at the moment because i made a box that the character is in that has all the dynamic stuff (i can’t remember the actual name for it. was it boundries box?) set to it and it keeps disapearing, but it’s still there because it’s showing up in game logic and the character was parented to it, so when it falls onto the ground, she dose too. but i don’t see it. this happened twice and both the cubes are still there, but not there. someone was talking to me about it before and called it ‘Big a$$ cube’. (sorry my memories not all that good as you can tell). well Big A$$ cube 1 and 2 disapeared from scene and i can’t change any settings about them. what’s happening and why?
here’s a screenshot: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/31267
the purple circle was the first cube. the red is the newer one.

maybe it is hidden? press alt+H to unhide, in case you might have pressed H by mistake while it was selected.

that’s what i thought, but i tried that on seveal occations, but it’s still not there

Is it hidden in the game engine (ie, when you press “P”) or in the viewport.

yes, but i had the settings set so it was invisible in-game. it’s still there though becuase the dragon falls through the floor, but if i take away the parenting, she dosn’t…did that make sense?

Is it on another layer? Try pressing the ` key (the one with the ~ on it)

tried that too, still couldn’t find them

Are the dragon and armature ghosts and the collision box dynamic?

the box is dynamic, the dragon and armature are set to non collision

Make the box dynamic and the armature and character a ghost.

I hate to say it but I think youve got a major problem going on. The first thing I noticed from the pic you posted is that your aramture is not parented to your cube or physic box. I can tell this because in the outliner tab your aramture should reside under whatever it is parented to.
Secondly, why does every object in your outliner have an animation attatched to it? Did you do this on purpose?

i found them! i had ‘record game animation’ ticked. the box was still dropping through the floor, so wherever it was when i exsited the game engin, is where it stayed. i fixed it up and parented the box to the armature. it seems to be working now.