Blender is so frustrating to me at times. I was working on a modal when I pressed the face select button, next I no the bar with the face selection, vertice selection, scale, move, and rotate buttons is gone. Right now I’m stuck, please help me figure this problem out.:mad:

Please people respond.

You only gave 25 minutes for people to respond to you. You really need to be more patient or people will just ignore you for being so unreasonably demanding.
Now, can you say what your problem is in a coherent way. What exactly is missing, is it the transform widget (the large icon in the 3dview) or something else, I’m not sure from your post. Have you just switched it off (the axis icon on the 3dview) ?

Try save your file, then make a new scene, now the buttons are be back right?
Now open your saved scene but deselect “Load UI” (on the bottom left side)
And now you should have your old scene with the buttons in order… hopefully.


Sorry for being pushy. Thank you for your advice it worked.