Disappeared Objects

Hello Everyone.

I’ve been modeling 3 different scenes within the same blend file. The scenes are dragon fighter, federation fighter, and stars. All scenes we fine until today. When I go into the dragon fighter and star scenes there is nothing there. I thought I hid them by mistake. So, I double checked with the hide commands and still nothing. However, when you look in the scenes tab, you can see that all of the objects are there and the ¨eye¨ is visible (turned on). I have scrolled through the layers and don’t see anything there either. What happened? Why can I see the federation fighter, but nothing in the other 2 scenes? I have attached a picture for reference . . .


Look at the top left corner of the 3d view, you are in local view. Go back to global view with numpad/ or from the View menu

Thanks Richard! However, I do NOT have a numpad and I’ve tried several things and nothing seems to work. What are the hotkeys for toggling between global / local without a numpad?

Use the menu entry or RMB on the menu entry and change the shortcut to whatever you want it to be

Thanks! Sorry for the late response. I’ve never really used forums before and I’m still trying to figure this one out.